Treatment for foot pain, swelling & burning?

If you have been experiencing a burning sensation and swelling as well as pain in your foot, then do visit a doctor for a check-up. It's possible that you have some foot problem and need treatment. Foot injuries are often caused because of overuse of feet. Some of the problems that cause pain:

  • Plantar Fasciitis: This is a heel injury that affects the place where the arch meets the heel. Heel pain, swelling and pain while walking are some of the symptoms. If this happens, you'll be advised against walking barefoot, and will have to wear orthopedic shoes recommended by a podiatrist. You can use ice for relief, and heel cups in your shoes.
  • Heel Spurs: This is an outgrowth of bone that happens when the bone has tried healing itself after swelling in the plantar fascia and repetitive stress. The doctor might recommend a small surgery to shave off the spur.
  • Neuroma: This is a pinched nerve that causes pain between two toes, namely the third and the fourth. If you wear poor fitting shoes, then you might be more are risk. The best way to cure this is wear well-fitting shoes with a wide toe area.
  • Tendonitis: Common in athletes, this is a condition which causes inflammation in the tendons. A persistent problem, this can be painful and serious. Remedies for this include changing shoe gear and exercise techniques, anti-inflammatory medicines, ice and rest.
  • Stress Fracture: Repetitive pounding can lead to stress fracture. This happens quite often to athletes. You can do low impact exercise and avoid bearing weight. The doctor might recommend an orthopedic device to decrease the pressure on the area of the fracture. The area of the stress fracture can be located with an X-ray test and the doctor can recommend treatment plans accordingly.
  • Ankle Sprains: This can happen because of a torn or stretched ligament. This happens to athletes quite often. You can use a splint or elastic bandage or an ice pack. It is advisable to stay off your feet for sometime and avoid weight-bearing activities. If the pain is severe, then the podiatrist can suggest surgery or a brace.

Some of the other reasons of foot pain associated with ill-fitting shoes.

  • Black Toenail: This is bruising below the nail. Remedies for this include slipping toenails short, wearing well-fitting shoes, and soaking your foot in salt water.
  • Bunions: These are misaligned big toes and are caused by wearing tight shoes. Wear well-fitting shoes and rest your feet. Visit a podiatrist for further information.

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