Treatment from pencil stab

What do you do when you get stabbed with a pencil?

If you have accidentally stabbed yourself with a sharp pencil, you may be worried about lead poisoning or how to treat the puncture wound. First things first – nowadays pencils are usually made of graphite not lead so your fear of lead poisoning can be put to rest. The biggest risk with a pencil stab wound is an infection developing if it’s not treated properly or in time. The best way for treating a pencil stab wound is to use a small amount of peroxide and clean the wound and the skin around the puncture carefully. You may notice some bubbling around the wound site and the peroxide will feel cold but this should not hurt. After cleaning the area thoroughly apply some antibiotic cream such as Neospirin to the wound. This will prevent any further infection from developing. Cover the area with a bandage to stop dirt and germs from entering the skin. You can repeat this treatment on a daily basis for the next three or four days or until the wound heals completely. Once the site has healed, there may still be some discoloration. Do not be alarmed. This is normal and will clear up over time.

Some other home remedies for pencil stab wounds that you may want to try include washing the wound with warm soapy water and applying direct pressure to the area in case of bleeding. If the bleeding persists, consult your doctor at the earliest. You may also want to check when you had your last tetanus shot. While this is necessary more in the case of puncture wounds caused by rusty nails or metal pieces, it doesn’t hurt to ensure that you are protected by a recent tetanus shot (less than five years ago).

If you think there may still be a part of the pencil left in the wound, call your doctor immediately. This may require medical care to detect and remove the object. Most pencil stab wounds tend to be around the hands or the arms. If for some reason, you have injured yourself on the head, stomach or chest, or close to the eyes this requires immediate medical attention as well. In addition, other symptoms such as loss of feeling in the limbs, inability to move your arms or legs, or a feeling of numbness or if there is pus or swelling around the wound it indicates a serious reaction to the wound so get yourself to an emergency room at the earliest.

answered by A S

Treatment for pencil stab-When stabbed with a pencil just apply just clean the wound with a disinfectant solution like chorhexidine hcl.

Then do the dressing as any dressing with good antiseptic care.

You may fill the stab part with turmeric and either keep it open or cover with a soft gauze bandage.

answered by D M K

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