I have issues with impulse control (I am being treated) but I stab my face with tweezers making sores. I have an ointment to keep it from getting infected, but is there anything that will help in healing and or sooth my skin?

To prevent the formation of deep scarring you can use a number of methods from your home to protect and soothe the skin. Make a blend of fresh sandalwood paste and powdered black gram and apply it on the areas which need protection. Let the mask or the paste dry up completely before you wash your face. This will reduce the intensity of the scarring if continued for a long time. Use this mask three times a week for two months. Vitamin E oil or evening primrose oil is also effective in healing facial sores or wounds. Break open a capsule of vitamin E oil or evening primrose oil and directly apply it on the spots with the help of a cotton swab. It would be ideal if you let the oil stay n the face overnight to get the desired effect. These essential oils are main building blocks of the skin and these would help the skin to impart a fine texture and smoothness.

Aloe vera gel also has amazing healing and soothing properties as a topical application. The best form of this gel is in the tender leaves of the young plane that can be picked from the plant itself. Tear open the leaf and use the oozing gel directly on your face. It dries up pretty quickly and you can wash your face the next morning. Most of these methods work best if given time to stay on for that desired effect. To temporarily stop open wounds from bleeding you can rub ice cubes on the fresh injuries. The skin gets tightened and there will be less blood coming out of the wound.

answered by K C

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