How to reduce itching caused by Chilblains

Chilblains, also known as pernio and/or perniosis, is a condition that occurs when the predisposed individual is exposed to extreme cold. The exposure to cold causes the damage of capillaries beds in the skin, causing blisters, redness, itching, and inflammation. Chilblains are normally itchy with red or blue swellings and are found on toes and fingers. Chilblains often occur after many hours of exposure to cold and humidity.

The symptoms of chilblains include ulcers on the toes and digits, reddening of the nose, redness of skin, and inflammation of toes, fingers and earlobes. There can also be lesions and blisters that bleed. Vasoconstriction leads to less oxygen in the cells that can cause tissue damage if not treated immediately. The reasons that contribute to chilblains could be anemia, poor circulation, hormonal changes, connective tissue or bone marrow disorders, cold and damp living conditions, familial tendency, and bad nutrition.

Treatment for Chilblains

Treatment for chilblains begins with warming the body and feet slowly. It is important to elevate the body temperature to improve blood circulation. Warm the body directly with a heater, and move the affected individual to warmer room. Once the body temperature is raised, gently massage the feet. One of the cures for chilblains includes the use of peppercorns and sesame or mustard oil. Grind and fry some peppercorns in sesame or mustard oil. Strain and use the warm oil to massage the hands and feet. Do not use very hot oil as it will cause further inflammation and pain.

One of the best home remedies for chilblains is to make paste of egg white, honey, glycerin, and oatmeal powder. Apply this paste on the chilblains. This serves as an excellent insulation and prevents the cold from entering the body; and helps in treatment for chilblains. Apply this paste at night, and wash it off in the morning with warm water. Massaging with any warm vegetable oil with few drops of lemon juice can also be used as a treatment for chilblains. Discarded lemon halves can be capped on toes and finger and rubbed for some time. Wash off with warm water immediately. Another effective home treatment for chilblains is to make an infusion marigold flowers and sea salt and soak your feet and hands in it. You can also dip your fingers and/or feet in oatmeal porridge or warmed broken wheat to cure chilblains.

To stop the itching, cut onions slices and apply it over the chilblains. Allow the juice to soak in the skin. You can use this home remedy for chilblains every winter as the initial symptoms of pain and itching occur. You can also sprinkle salt on a slice of potato and rub it over the chilblains to soothe itching.

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