kindly suggest some home remedies to reduce itching from my private parts and chest?

In order to control your itching as well as reduce the darkness of skin you are experiencing, you can try a couple of methods at home. But before you start, it would be better if you understood why this is happening in the first place. Usually, the symptoms you have described here are symptomatic of excessive and ignored perspiration. Typically, when there are parts of the body that have more hair than other parts, and these parts are kept under wraps all the time, this problem surfaces. In order to control the perspiration, which would be the first step, you would need to start using talcum powder. If possible, use a medicated one that also promises bacteria control these types of powders are also easily available at the pharmacy and are not too expensive either. You can start using one right away in these areas. The second thing is that if you have hair that has grown excessively long in these areas, you need to start keeping it short. Some men have long chest hair too, and this can be controlled by using a pair of shears to trim it. Genital hair should be either shaved off completely or it must be kept trimmed in any case. When hair is long, it tends to trap sweat particles and the uric acid they contain as well. This will lead to the skin darkening out of control in these areas.

Once you have taken care of sweating and the hair, the next thing to tackle is the discoloration. You can begin with a routine of exfoliation everyday for a whole week. Use any exfoliating scrub available in the market; this will work very well for you. The exfoliation will take care of most of your itching. It will do this by removing the top layer of dead skin that tends to collect and cause the itching. This top layer is also responsible for causing the dark discoloration of your skin. Exfoliating will serve a two fold purpose. You will notice the difference at the end of the week, after which you can stop this procedure. Make it a point to start following some good hygienic habits as well. Bathe twice a day when you can. Use soap each time and dry yourself thoroughly. Sometimes not drying your body properly can also cause problems. Follow these simple rules and you will find that these problems do not occur again.

answered by G R

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