I want to know which sun block is best for oily skin. Please advice

One of the primary oily skin causes is the excessive secretion of sebum by the oil glands present in the skin. This sebum tends to accumulate on the skin thereby giving the skin a thick, greasy and oily appearance. If the excessive sebum is not taken care of then it will continue to accumulate and results in skin blemishes such as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and so on. Oily skin also results in the pores becoming visible and the complexion of the individual tends to become sallow looking. To prevent oily skin naturally one should consume a diet that is rich in proteins, fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables. At the same time one should also control or minimize their intake of salt, sugar, animal fats, pork and fried or even highly seasoned foods.

One of the oily skin causes is also a deficiency of vitamin B2; hence one should incorporate black beans, nuts, whole grains and organ meats in one’s diet as they are excellent sources of vitamin B2. While going outside in the sun, one should use special sunscreen for oily skin which tend to be non-oil based and are usually in the form of gels which tend to be non greasy. One should ensure that the sunscreen for oily skin is at least with SPF 15. One of the most important aspects  to prevent oily skin is to keep it clean as often as possible which can be achieved naturally by using a slice of freshly cut lemon to wash the face. It is always necessary to match ones sun block to ones skin type so that one is able to get protection from the harsh UV rays of the sun. It is also necessary to ensure that there is no adverse reaction towards the sun block.

The best sunscreen for oily skin would be one that is free from mineral oils as one of its ingredients. Instead while deciding which sun block is best for oily skin one should look for a sun block that is light and oil free. This is essential because a greaseless formula based sun block would not exacerbate the shine on the skin. The best sunscreen for oily skin would be one which does not have a texture that is too sticky or too heavy which would aggravate an already oily skin. Many a times people who have oily skin tend to wash their faces often which should be avoided as this would make the skin dry and in turn the oil glands tend to secrete more sebum.

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