Stomach pain and bloating, air bubbles right below ribs

Acute or chronic abdominal pains are a consequence of digestive disorders. These disorders are often associated with stomach pain, irritation, bloating and feeling of air bubbles right below the ribs. The major causes of gas trouble are improper diet, eating plenty of acid forming foods, refined carbohydrates, eating excess of very hot or very cold foods, deficiency of digestive enzymes, food allergies and stress. These causes mainly results in the formation of gas or acid in the stomach that eventually causes pain and bloating. When the acid formed in the stomach increases it moves upwards towards the ribs and results in the formation of air bubbles right below your ribs.

This results in chest pain, stomach bloating and severe pain. This problem if not treated immediately can result in various other life threatening diseases. You can consult your doctor for severe pain and bloating. But I would rather advise you to try some home remedies that are more effectual and help in quick recovery. The best home remedy is a glass of soda along with lemon and salt. Coconut water can also prove to be beneficial in treating gas trouble. It will provide required amount of essential vitamins and minerals. Holy basil leaves are also effective in relieving the burning sensation and gas. Various other spices such as garlic and herbs such as Indian gooseberry are most effective for curing gas troubles.

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