I'm having pain and crackling sound in my ribs when I take deep breath, it sometimes goes from left to right side of my ribs especially in cold weather or when I take anything containing menthol. It's from last 7 yrs. How do I stop this?

Assuming that the pain you have been suffering for the last 7 years does not require any medical intervention can be a very big mistake. One of the most common factors that lead to pain on right side under ribs is a gall bladder infection. Other underlying health concerns like a kidney infection, peptic ulcers, gastritis, appendicitis, esophagitis or liver problems could also lead to a sharp pain in right side under rib cage. However, there are many other symptoms that are associated with each of these underlying conditions. The consumption of alcohol or even taking in certain medication at times could lead to pain on right side under ribs. However, what is not likely is for any of these conditions to lead to the crackling sounds that you have experienced. Therefore, it could be possible that you are suffering from a cracked or a broken rib.

A broken or a cracked rib can be a very painful condition, which could make it difficult for you to move around, sit down, lie down or even breathe. In order to relieve the rib pain on the right side on a temporary basis, you could try taking some pain relievers. However, the relief that you get will be short-lived and the pain will return within a short while. Therefore, for long term or permanent broken ribs pain relief, it is important to have the rib treated by a professional doctor. First, the doctor would need to conduct an x-ray, to check which rib has been broken. Then, the broken rib has to be bandaged and taped tightly, so that it can heal fast. The doctor may also recommend the use of a chest compress instead of tape, for higher comfort. Of course you would need to restrict your physical activities for a while, so as not to disturb the rib.

All of the conditions that could lead to pain on right side under ribs are quite serious and require immediate medical attention. Therefore, it is important for you to consult the doctor immediately and allow them to conduct a few tests to determine the exact cause of the pain as well as the sounds. As soon as the condition is diagnosed and confirmed, the doctor can help you with several treatment options that will get rid of the severe pain on right side under ribs. Even if the pain is the result of a minor ailment or injury, it is best to get it checked, so that it can be addressed without any trial and error.

answered by G M

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