I go to bathroom very frequently, I feel like bowel movement, but I don't, and just start passing gas, then again I go and its like diarrhea, and that is continously about 8 times a day, at night I don't go?

The description you have provided sounds like a case of chronic gas and indigestion. You can use a variety of simple methods to take care of this without having to resort to any medical aid. The first thing you must try and tackle is gas. One of the easiest ways to get rid of gas is to take a short walk after each meal everyday. This will ensure that your meals settle down into the process of digestion properly and you do not have troublesome gas problems. You should also avoid eating gas causing foods such as fermented food, beans, legumes, carbonated drinks, potatoes and corn. This will cause you to not have gas in the first place. The second thing to tackle is the indigestion. If you are faced with the trouble if indigested food, then you may have irregular stools like the kind you have described, which feel like you have diarrhea. To take care of indigestion, you should chew on a piece of ginger as often as you can. Make a mix of equal parts of dry ginger powder and asafetida. Take this with warm water in the morning or at night for relief.

The last thing to tackle is loose stools. This could be because of a stomach infection of some sort, or it could also be due to improper eating habits. To eliminate the first, you would have to consult a doctor. Only a medical examination, probably accompanied with a laboratory inspection will reveal if there is any kind of infection you are suffering from. If it is nothing like that, you should make it a point to eat foods that will bind your stools better. Make it a point to avoid hot and spicy food, which will only add to your misery. Concentrate instead on simple food that is not accompanied with excessive spices, as this will compound the problem.

answered by M W

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