How long does an infected ear caused by swimmers ear, last? I'm taking antibiotic drops for it?

Swimmer's ear is a very common ear infection that is caused when water enters deeply into the ear. It is also known as Otitis externa and has to be solved as soon as possible. Antibiotic ear drops do provide relief from the earache and these drops are easily available over the counter at any pharmacy. A very effective home remedy for swimmer's ear is to put a few drops of rubbing alcohol in both the ears. The rubbing alcohol will reduce the pain and also suck out the water from the ears. A hair dryer is another home remedy which helps in evaporating the water which is trapped inside the ear.

Other various home remedies for swimmers ear include apple cider vinegar and normal vinegar which can be found in supermarkets. A few drops should be more than enough in curing the swimmer's ear problem. These are some of the highly effective home remedies for earache. Swimmer's ear is a very serious problem and should be cured immediately. In some cases, the inflammation of the ear canal reaches to such a level that it emits puss and gives a great amount of pain. It is highly recommended not to swim for at least a period of six months after the treatment. In case you need to go swimming, it is advisable to wear good quality ear plugs and you also need to be careful that not a single drop of water enters the ear at any time.

Most importantly, if the pain increases, it is very important to consult a doctor as he will provide you with effective medicines and the recovery time will be much faster. After you are treated of the infection, keep your ears clean all the time with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. The wax in the ear should be removed from time to time to avoid the swimmer's ear to infect you again.

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