Is There Any Way To Delay Your Periods?

Getting your periods during a romantic getaway or an important social event can be a real mood dampener. In that situation, all you want is for your periods to go away. A lot of women often find themselves in situations where they wish their periods away. Fortunately, there are home remedies, though few, to remedy this situation. By using these simple remedies, you can delay your periods so that they occur when you are through with whatever important thing you had.

Birth control pills have been a tried and tested way of delaying or getting rid of your monthly period altogether. Since menstruation is related to the hormonal cycle, the hormones need to be worked upon so that the periods can be controlled. Progesterone, the steroidal hormone that supports menstruation, has to be kept in high levels. The dropping of the progesterone levels allow menstruation to occur. Every pill pack has monthly pills, with the first seven pills that induce a rise in progesterone levels. The high levels cause something known as a "withdrawal week". Each pill pack will give you this one week's withdrawal pills.

Delaying your periods through hormones can have an effect on your health. It is therefore important that you consult your doctor before you start taking a pill. The sooner you talk to your doctor, the better. Ideally, this meeting should take place about a week before your period is due. Since the progesterone levels generally drop about seven days before the beginning of the periods, supplements should be taken soon enough.

Sometimes, instead of delaying your periods, preponing them might just do the trick. If you have an important event, you may try to prepone your periods so that when it's time for your important event, your periods are already done with. Discuss this possibility with your doctor too. However, to induce your periods earlier than they are scheduled, you may have to visit your doctor at least two weeks prior to the date when your periods are due.

Though there is no scientific data to back this, many people claim that the tea brewed from the leaves of parsley can help induce menstruation. To prepare this tea, boil a few parsley leaves in water for about half an hour. Strain this solution and then drink it. About three to four cups a day should be good enough.

Tea brewed from fresh crushed ginger and yarrow can also help induce menstruation. However, this too has not been scientifically tested. With both the concoctions, it is recommended that you use fresh herbs and brew strong teas.

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