Remedy for ceased menstruation

If you are suffering from ceased menstruation after the age of 45, this is completely normal and absolutely nothing to worry about. In a normal female human being, the menstrual cycle begins to slow down after the age of 40 years. Of course this number can vary a great deal. It could be anything between 40 and 55 years. Some women simply tend to have a longer life of fertility than others. There is nothing abnormal about this, just as there is nothing abnormal about it if your periods begin to end around the time you hit 40 years of age. However, if you are experiencing ceased menstruation before the age of 40, then you need to consult with a doctor. If you have had your children, this need not be a cause for concern at all. Getting rid of the unpleasant and painful experience of periods is good if it happens early on. But if you have not yet had children and plan to do so sometime in the future, then this is definitely a cause for medical concern. It is inadvisable for you to try and use self help methods at home without knowing the cause of the problem. This can only aggravate your problems instead of helping to make them better.

One thing you can check for, is whether you have been putting on weight abnormally in the recent past. This is always a cause for irregularity of the menstrual cycle. Weight gain can lead to all sorts of hormonal imbalances. Sometimes, sudden weight gain can also be due to a number of hormonal disturbances and imbalances. All of this can affect your menstrual cycle. But only a proper and detailed medical examination can reveal whether or not this is the case. The only thing you can do about an irregular or ceased menstrual cycle is try and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will help to get rid of any irregularities the body may have. Eat a low calorie and low fat diet and exercise daily. These are possibly the best ways by which you can keep in good health. If your body functions normally, there will be little reason for it to have any aspect of abnormal behavior. If possible, you should try and get a hold of a qualified Yoga instructor who will help you find the correct routine of exercise that you require. Yoga is extremely helpful while dealing with menstruation trouble.

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