I am a 35 yrs. old married woman. There is a delay of 2 weeks in my periods. Please advise some remedies to start my menstruation.

Delayed periods or stoppage of menstrual flow might be because of factors such grief, anxiety, anemia, or hormonal changes. If your periods are irregular, you can try grinding some fresh ginger and then boiling it in a cup of water. Add a little sugar to this solution and take it twice or thrice a day after meals. You can also eat parsley leaves to help regulate menstrual flow. In addition, try safflower, squaw vine, and chamomile to help increase the flow.

You can also include raw papaya, dates, carrot juices, and sugarcane juices in your diet. The best advice would be to adopt a healthy and balanced diet that is rich in iron and protein, with emphasis on fresh fruits and raw vegetables.

You can work on relieving your menstrual cramps quickly by wrapping a hot, wet towel around your mid-section and then lying down in the fetal position. Another home remedy for relieving cramps is to boil a teaspoon of saffron in a cup of water until the quantity reduces to a tablespoon. You can split this into three portions and take it thrice in a day. If your periods are delayed for a considerably long time, it is best to consult your gynaecologist for medical treatment.

answered by G M

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