Natural Treatment for Pain During Intercourse: If we do not have foreplay my penis burns for a moment when it enters her vagina. Is this normal?

While a penis friction burn is quite normal, it usually is a very painful problem. A penis friction burn is often caused when men indulge in sexual intercourse, without adequate lubrication. These penis friction burns can have a severe effect on a man's sexual activities. The reason for this is that if a man has sex before the friction burn has healed completely, it will not only cause him to feel a lot of discomfort during the act, but the burn can get aggravated and can take much longer to heal. A penis friction burn could be treated with the use of a moisturizing lotion or aloe vera gel. Pulling the foreskin back should also be avoided, as far as possible. If the burn does not heal within a period of two weeks, it may be best to see a doctor, who would prescribe medicated creams or ointments, to speed up the healing process.

Causes of pain during intercourse

It is not uncommon for women to experience pain during sexual intercourse, for several reasons; however, there are a few men who could experience pain too, for certain reasons. Some of the most common causes of pain during intercourse for men are:
  • Lack of proper lubrication
  • Injuries
  • Skin disorders like psoriasis or eczema on the penis
  • Thrush
  • Peyronie's disease, which is a disorder that causes the penis to bend

How to reduce pain during intercourse?

Despite the fact that a lot of people indulge in sexual intercourse many of them find it also a painful experience. There are many ways on how to reduce pain during sexual intercourse. The word foreplay usually indicates the acts that are performed before sexual intercourse. Foreplay is generally a form of preparing for the final act. Foreplay is very important for both men and women, as it helps them to get ready for sexual intercourse. It not only enhances the pleasure felt during intercourse, but also provides them with the required stimulation, that helps them proceed. Apart from the emotional advantages, foreplay has certain physical benefits too. It helps a woman generate adequate lubrication and moisture that helps both partners enjoy sex. Lack of foreplay often means lack of moisture, which can be very painful for a woman and could also cause discomfort to the man. Therefore, if two people directly indulge in intercourse, without any foreplay, it is absolutely normal for a man's penis to burn for a minute or so. Hence it is easy to reduce or even completely avoid pain during intercourse, by dedicating an adequate amount of time to foreplay. However, in case the pain is caused by other factors like injuries, thrush or Peyronie's disease, it is best to consult a doctor, for treatment options.

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There are many possible reasons for the burning sensation that you experience during intercourse. Since you mention that your penis burns if you do not have foreplay, it could be a lack of lubrication that may be causing this. It would be best for the both of you if you indulged in foreplay or used a lubricant while having sex. It's been quite erroneously established that it is only the lack of lubrication in the woman's vagina that causes discomfort, and it's only her that experiences the discomfort. The lack of lubrication in the vagina does cause burning and pain to both the partners. This is due to friction, and since the skin in these areas is very sensitive, it may cause a severe burning sensation that lasts for a number of days. Like women, men have natural lubrication too, the lack of which can cause discomfort while indulging in intercourse. So, foreplay, a lubricant, or a latex condom is necessary. One of the reasons for the lack of natural lubrication in men is circumcision wherein the foreskin has surgically been removed, thereby resulting in thickened or dried tissue on the foreskin. So, men who have been circumcised need a synthetic lubricant to make sexual intercourse easier. You also may need to pay attention to the brand of condoms you use. It could be that the lubrication used is inadequate or the lubrication used does not agree with your skin.

However, you also may need to consider the possibility that the lack of foreplay is just incidental and the burning is caused by some other reason. In some cases, men experience a burning sensation because they are allergic to the woman's body fluids. The same goes for women as well. Sometimes when the ph level of the woman's vaginal secretion alters, like in the case of yeast infections, it may cause mild burning sensation to the partner. A visit to a specialist may determine if there really is such a problem. The pH level also varies according to the monthly menstrual cycle. So, maybe you need to pay attention to the time that you experience the burning. And, it's always best to have protected sex as there are chances of STDs like gonorrhea, HPV, to name a few, that cause burning, especially if having unprotected intercourse. In any case, you and your partner both should undergo a physical examination by a gynecologist to rule out any infection or disease.

answered by G M

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