I have a white discharge from my vagina and it burns in that area

This problem sound very much like an infection or vaginitis. The best thing you can do is take an antibiotic supplement such as Grapefruit Seed Extract, also known as GSE. It would also be a good idea to avoid sex until this goes away. If the symptoms continue for more than 10 days, you need to see an OB-GYN to see what is wrong. To treat your self with GSE, you should add 15 to 20 drops to water and drink it 3 times each day. I'll get to the point, GSE is very bitter and the best way to take it is to add the drops into grape or cranberry juice to help cover it up. Drink quickly and then rinse your mouth. It should offer some relief within 20 minutes and should clear up the problem in one week. As with any infection "down there" it is important to bathe frequently to keep the area clean. One thing that can be very helpful is to use chlorine free baby wipes each time you use the restroom to wipe yourself clean. Also, avoid wearing nylon or rough lace panties and avoid wearing a thong until this has cleared up. Wear correctly fitting, soft cotton panties. They allow the area to breathe and do not breed bacteria.

answered by R P

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