The Importance of Foreplay, Especially for Women

by Sharon Hopkins

Foreplay would more aptly and scientifically be known as sensory pleasure aimed towards sexual gratification. Irrespective of gender, this is an important part of the sexual game in any normal and healthy relationship that includes sex as an important factor. It would not be accurate to say that the concept of foreplay is more important for women than it is for men or vice versa. In a good sexual connection, it becomes equally important for both. Significantly, wide and varied research has shown that relationships that include foreplay as an important part of their sexual lives are healthier and happier. There is also evidence that shows that these relationships last longer than those that are relatively less inclusive of such things as foreplay. A lot of the time, foreplay is also dismissed as sexual banter or fun and games. While there may be some truth to this, it is not a completely accurate description. Foreplay also aids and assists in easier sexual accomplishment. There is of course no fixed description of the concept of foreplay, apart from calling it a prelude to sexual fulfillment. But generally, foreplay would include stimulation of the secondary sexual characteristics and erogenous zones of the body.

For women, foreplay would result in heightened sexual anticipation and excitement, apart from a physical readiness for the act of intercourse in a comfortable and satisfying manner. Stimulation of the breasts and the vaginal area would result in emission of vaginal fluids, which would, in succession, make penile entry easier, painless as well as pleasurable. While this is definitely helpful in not causing discomfort or making the act of sex an ordeal, it goes much further by actually helping to increase sexual pleasure. On the part of men, foreplay can result in a complete erection, heightened sexual desire as well as more stimulation, all of which work simultaneously towards a healthy orgasm. In both cases, there is greater intimacy, and a much closer interpersonal relationship. Sometimes, foreplay can also be an indicator of how much interest there is in each other. This is particularly true if people have been involved or together for a long time.

If the ultimate intention of sexual intercourse is primarily pleasure and reaching an orgasm on both sides, it is impossible to say that foreplay is more important to women. It is just as significant and important to men too. Moreover, foreplay would add the necessary spice and zest to any couple’s sex life too!

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