What to do for persistent laryngitis

Laryngitis is a pretty painful condition that can be a source of great discomfort. It causes severe irritation and pain, and the patient will usually experience hoarseness of the throat and possibly a loss of vocal abilities. Simply swallowing your saliva can become a source of pain and discomfort. Laryngitis is basically the medical condition of an inflamed larynx, usually the result of overuse, fatigue, irritation or infection. The vocal cords are actually located within the larynx.

Under normal circumstance the vocal cords relax and contract smoothly producing sounds through their vibration and movement. In this condition however the inflammation affects the vocal cords, causing irritation and a distortion of sounds when the air passes over them. It can not only cause hoarseness, but also reduce your voice to such an extent that it is almost undetectable. Laryngitis could be acute or temporary, or chronic laryngitis, which would mean that it is long lasting. In most cases the condition is caused due to a trigger that is temporary such as a viral infection, or vocal strain, or exposure to some irritant. Although it is possible that you suffer from chronic laryngitis there is also the chance that you may have damaged the vocal cords through improper treatment, or never really cured the condition.

Laryngitis can be treated at home quite effectively using simple natural methods, but if you have already tried these methods it would be wise to finally consult a medical practitioner. Keep in mind that half hearted attempts to treat the condition would also prove ineffective and possibly prolong or worsen the condition. Self care is absolutely vital, without which there is not much scope for healing.
  • The first and most important area of focus should be rest for your vocal cords. Make sure that there is absolutely no stress on the vocal cords. They need to be given complete rest, so make sure you do as little talking as possible, and avoid singing or screaming shouting. Whispering is even worse than talking so don’t treat it as an alternative.
  • Avoid smoking completely and the use of any alcoholic, caffeinated or carbonated beverages.
  • Avoid exposure to any known irritants, whether airborne or dietary.
  • Avoid consuming oily and fried or salty and spicy foods too.
  • Make sure you consume a lot of fluids and keep your system well hydrated.
  • Steam inhalation can help significantly and it would also be a good idea to sip on warm water throughout the day.
  • Fill up on some hot herbal teas through the course of the day.

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