I am 24 years old. I have a less amount of hair in my beard and mustache. How can i grow it.

The way an individual is able to groom his facial hair provides a certain amount of versatility when it comes to being able to tailor one’s own appearance. This is an aspect that is very sought after in today’s excessively aesthetics oriented world. However, some men are unfortunate to be affected by the patchy growth of facial hair, making any kind of grooming, such as growing a beard or mustache that much harder. It is important to remember the fact that the primary cause of this occurrence is, in fact, genetics – where hereditary will decide your fate. Testosterone, which is the male hormone in the body, is primarily culpable for the growth of facial hair and can be boosted artificially by the advances in modern medicine. In order to elaborate on the effects of testosterone when it comes to dealing with facial hair growth, the process revolves around the fact that normal growth relies on the secretion of the substance by the testes along with the integrated factor of genetic disposition. This means that in the event that your father or grandfather do no have facial hair growth, chances are that you will follow in the same pattern. The fact that testosterone creams have a number of side effects such as decreasing sexual dysfunction and type II diabetes means that the medication is not only provided on prescription, but also does more harm than good to the affected individual.

A few lifestyle choices will go a long way into boosting the growth of the beard. One of the most contributing factors to the development of facial hair growth lies in the amount of time you spend sleeping as it is during this period that the body concentrates on repairing, restoring and refreshing the hair shafts and follicles. A lack of sleep is directly proportionate to the speed of facial hair growth that you experience.  Another aspect of your lifestyle that is going to contribute significantly to the growth of facial hair is the levels of stress that an individual is under. Stress tends to not only slow down the rate of hair growth, but will also make each strand rather brittle. The best way to deal with this factor would be to get involved with relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga or simple exercise. Taking the time to make sure that your skin is well maintained and moisturized will go a long way into boosting the development of facial hair.

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