White Hair Care Treatments: What Is The Best Procedure And Home Remedies To Have My Hair Black. Some Of My Hairs, Beard, Mustache Etc Become White. Could You Please Help Me Having Black Hair Permanently Instead Of Having Hair Dying Every Month?

You have not mentioned your age, an extremely important factor in helping you out with this particular problem. This is because white hair is a product of age as much as one of heredity. If you have inherited this unique problem, you should know at the onset that there is nothing much you can do about it. Sometimes, inherited white hair can manifest itself at a very early age. You need not be in your 50s for this to happen, in fact, heredity is such a strong factor that white hair is also known to show up in the teenage years at times with certain people. Of course the one permanent solution of dealing with white hair, especially on the face is to remain clean shaven at all times. The best way to camouflage white facial hair is to not give it an opportunity to grow at all.

There are some remedies you can adopt to change the color of your hair. But you need to know that they may take a long time to show positive results. you should also know that there is a possibility of them working only if you are within a certain age bracket. For example, if you are well into your 50s or 60s and are faced with the problem of white hairs, there is no remedy that can help you. this is because hair whitening is a matter of age in your case. You can make it a point to massage your hair with oil on a daily basis. This is true of even facial hair. Rosemary oil especially has the effect of reversing the white hair procedure. It is a common belief that if you permanently remove white hairs with treatments such as IPL or laser hair removal, then they will stop reappearing. Although this is not substantiated with any scientific evidence, there are enough testimonials for it to be a feasible attempt. If possible, try to opt for laser, since IPL will only reduce the growth of your hair, not completely stop it. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, will simply kill the hair root and eliminate your problem altogether. Another old wives' tale dictates of white hairs that the more you remove, the more they multiply. This is completely false information and is not at all substantiated scientifically. After trying these methods if you are not successful, you can try to use henna to color your hair.

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