My face cheek is deep by which my face look very thin please suggest some remedies

People who are lean or slightly underweight often seem to have sunken cheeks. In order to permanently get rid of this problem, you will need to make sure that your weight matches the normal standard levels. As you gain weight, you will notice that your cheeks start to fill out and are not as sunken anymore. However, you may find it tough to put on weight and so you may need to make several changes to your diet and Exercise routine for a few months before there are any visible changes.

You will need to have a healthy and balanced diet that includes plenty of healthy fats and proteins. Fats are a very good source of energy while protein is essential for building muscle and tissue. Your breakfast can include a tall glass of fruit juice along with eggs and toast. Most oils consist of fatty acids that break down when they are subjected to high temperatures. However, the fats contained in olive oil are not very vulnerable to high temperatures and is therefore considered to be a very healthy cooking oil. In addition to this, olive oil contains healthy fatty acids which do not contribute to heart problems and cholesterol problems. For your lunch, you can have a large serving of any poultry based dish. This would include chicken, turkey, or duck. Chicken has very high protein content and is therefore a much preferable option. In addition to this, the proteins in chicken are very easy to digest which is why it is often recommended during time of illness and recuperation. You can have a large chicken salad that consists of skinless chicken along with assorted vegetables. This will ensure that your meal also contains adequate vitamin quantities. You can use either a light olive oil and lemon juice vinaigrette or a heavier salad dressing. You can have scones with honey or a bun in the evening. Make sure that you have an assortment of healthy snacks at hand and you can munch on these every now and then throughout your day. This will ensure that you have higher calorie consumption on a daily basis. You will also need to have a regular exercise schedule. Exercising regularly will help to convert the calories in your meals into muscle tissue. You should exercise at least twice a day on a daily basis and make sure that you follow an exercise plan that incorporates flexibility exercises and weights. You should also include cardio and aerobic exercises as this will help to improve your overall health and stamina.

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