I am a recovering alcoholic and would like to know if a detox diet will help me and why its recommended?

A healthy detox diet can help you a great deal, restoring your health, but if you haven’t done a detox before it would help to learn safe detox methods before beginning a liver detox diet or any detox diet.  In many cases medications may also be required and the program or goals are best achieved if you have the support of friends and family members. Commitment on the part of the alcoholic is of course of the highest importance. I would assume that commitment should not be a problem for you as you clearly intend to clean up, and since you say that you are a recovering alcoholic, I would also assume that you have already begun a move in this direction.

Detoxification is a natural process performed by the kidneys and liver, but alternative methods may be needed for a hardened alcoholic. If you have already stopped your alcohol consumption or if your intake was moderate there will be no need for medications or enrollment in a detox program. Sudden abstinence following prolonged and high consumption of alcohol can however cause withdrawal symptoms like hallucinations. Since you have been advised to go on a detox diet, rather than check into a detox center, your case is not very severe, and a detox plan should be achievable at home itself.

Ideally a detox diet for an alcoholic should span around five or six weeks, and the diet should be protein rich, with a high fiber content and lots of fluids. Drink a lot of water and fruit juices through out the day. Most patients are also advised to consume a lot of hypoglycemic substances as alcoholics tend to have sugar problems. Try to include parsley in your diet and consume chamomile teas as they are effective alkaloids. This basically means that they help to stimulate kidney function and natural process for the elimination of toxins. Nutritional supplements may also be necessary, and I would strongly advise you to consult your health care adviser and a nutritionist for the specifics of your diet.

All detox diets promote a gradual and graded withdrawal from harmful substances or an unhealthy lifestyle through the introduction of a balanced diet and routine exercises. Physical activity is just as important as your diet, during this period. A detox diet is highly advisable particularly for an alcoholic as it helps your body strengthen the immune system, and it rejuvenates your system. Excessive alcohol consumption puts your body’s natural cleansing mechanism under tremendous stress and detoxification helps undo the damage.

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