When I was growing up, I am 63, we were told to never drink milk while eating Fish at a meal. Only have water. Can you tell me why?

It might surprise you to know that, when it comes to milk and fish, a lot of other people share the same beliefs. The origins of this belief are largely unknown, but in places such as countries in Asia, such a food combination is frowned upon. For instance, such a view on milk and fish is commonly held and there are many misconceptions regarding the same. Some people believe that the combination of such food would be forbidden while others forbid it without actually understanding why. However, when it comes down to principle, no religion or religious group actually forbids drinking milk while eating a meal containing fish. However, while the opinion may be just a misconception, a lot of people still frown upon such mixing of drink and food.

While it may not be known why such a belief came about, one has to understand that food and drink should not be randomly combined. For instance, milk should not be indiscriminately had with all kinds of food. Certain foods simply do not go together and other combinations are likely to give an indigestion. Milk is certainly not an accompaniment to lunch and other heavy meals and should not be used during a meal, as water would. Some people, who cannot forgo their drink of milk often wait for an hour or so after consuming fish to do so. If you would still like that glass of milk, this would be a better way to drink it. At the same time, other people suffer no Indigestion or malaise from drinking milk with meals, whether they contain fish or not. It might be better to stick to water, in moderate amounts, when consuming a meal of meat or fish. In general, one has to remember that even combining too many foods, such as a variety of meats and fish, would be likely to give one a case of indigestion. You might have noticed that such stomach trouble is more likely to occur after having indulged in a variety of foods at a buffet. This is because while variety may be great for the taste buds, the particular combination of foods should be proper. Eating fish cooked in Italian sauce with a spicy Chinese chicken dish would be likely to cause problems with one’s digestion whether or not one decides to drink milk with the meal. Thus, a little common sense and restraint is required when deciding what to drink and eat with fish or with regular meals.

answered by G M

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