Why do I feel nauseous when I eat?

It is slightly difficult to tell what the exact problem may be here, as nausea can be associated with various conditions. You need to bring to light some more details in order to narrow in on a specific diagnosis. Some possible reasons could be that your eating habits may not be proper. Nausea may arise from irregular eating habits. Eating too often during the day or eating after very long intervals could interfere with the normal functioning of the system. Also intake of foods that may not be suitable for you, could also give you a nauseous feeling. Taking meals that are too heavy or containing a high proportion of fat could also result in a nauseous sensation. Try and take note of your eating pattern and if you notice that there are irregularities; it is advisable to change your eating habits. Another factor that could give rise to nausea is viral gastroenteritis. If you are a woman, pregnancy could also be a reason for the nausea. Nausea could also be a symptom of disease or infection in the internal organs of the body, in which case you need to consult a doctor to determine the exact problem.

Here are some remedies that you can use to deal with nausea. Try not to engage in excessive activity. Give the body adequate time to rest, as hyperactivity and stress can aggravate the nausea. Consume fluids such as cold water, lemon juice or other fruits juices frequently during the day. Taking small sips of herbal or mint tea is also helpful in getting rid of nausea. Ginger ale is also effective for this. Nausea may be triggered by certain stimuli such as certain smells, smoke, particular types of food, heat and humidity, enclosed and congested spaces, travelling and certain medications. It is best to determine which of these factors act as triggers for you so that you can avoid them. Intake of foods that are light and do not cause problems in digestion will ensure that you do not suffer from nausea. Cereals, fruits and whole grains are all examples of such foods. Spicy, fatty and oily food will only make digestion difficult, giving rise to feelings of nausea. If it is pregnancy that is causing the nausea, you may eat snacks such as toast, crackers and other light food stuffs at regular intervals. For individuals who experience motion sickness, over the counter drugs is a good option. If the nausea is very frequent, it is best if you seek medical advice at the earliest.

answered by G M

The question you have asked demands certain factors to be outlines first. There could be many reasons why you are feeling nauseous when you eat. It is possible that you are eating at the wrong time, or the wrong kind of food. It could also be that you are eating after excessively long intervals of time. Sometimes, this can also lead to nausea. It could also be that you are over eating, and this is causing you to feel nauseous even as you eat. If you are a woman, it could also be that you are pregnant which will automatically give rise to such feelings. Examine each of these reasons and see if they apply to you. if yes, then you know what to do.

Another very strong reason for feeling nauseous is that you may have indigestion. In such a case, you will always feel slightly uncomfortable and will not be able to follow a proper routine for eating at any time. You should try to change your diet completely for a few days and see if this helps you in any way. In all likelihood, it should make a noticeable difference. Sometimes, monotonous eating habits can also cause you to not enjoy your food. This could make you feel quite sick at meal times as well.

answered by M W

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