Safety Concern Of Enema During Pregnancy: Is there a particular type of enema that is safe during pregnancy? If so, which type? I know coffee enemas are not?

The process of injecting fluid into the rectum with the objective of completely cleansing the bowels is known as an enema. Whilst enemas can be self - administered, it is preferable to have a nurse administer it as this will prevent the possibility of any complications resulting from enemas not administered correctly. Constipation is one of the major complaints of pregnant women, which only worsens as the pregnancy develops. Most women believe enemas to be beneficial in cleaning their bowels; however, it is important to note that enemas are not recommended during the first trimester as they can lead to a miscarriage or in the final trimester when enemas can cause contractions leading to premature labor. In actual fact, pregnant women are given enema prior to labor in an attempt to clear away any impediments in the birth canal thus preparing the body for the contractions.

There are many pregnant women for whom the use of enema is necessary to deal with any bowel or intestinal complications that may occur at the time of the delivery procedure. Additionally, it is also believed that the use of enema at the time of labor can lower the possibility of infections and reduce the length of the delivery procedure. It is a good idea to discuss the necessity of enema with your physician at an early stage of your pregnancy as bowel and intestinal problems are frequently connected with pregnancies. In consultation with your physician, you can make the ideal decisions regarding the steps to be taken during your labor and delivery which will ensure prevention from any infections.

There are alternatives to pregnant women taking enema. These include adding fiber to your diet, as foods with high fiber content can help in improving digestion, preventing constipation and regulating bowel movements to keep the system clean. It is advisable to eliminate red meat such as beef and pork from your diet as these are very difficult to digest. Make sure you eat large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. Increase your intake of fruits like apples which a rich in fiber, raw vegetables and porridge with bran. Psyllium husk is excellent for regular bowel movements as it contains 100 percent soluble fiber. Drinking a glass of milk as soon as you wake up every morning is also very effective in regulating bowel movements and cleaning the system. Remember to drink plenty of water as it is very helpful in flushing out the toxins in the system.

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Enema taken as a part of panchkarma during pregnancy is termed basti in ayurveda. While in conventional enema, the liquid allowed to enter the colon comes out fully, while basti has eight different types. only one type of basti,where herbal decoction in small quantity is introduced in the colon, the person takes rest for an hour and colon gets cleansedwhen decoction comes out, bringing deeo seated toxins in the colon.

But seven other types of bastis introduce herbs infused oils, other products such as milk, buttermilk, honey etc where nothing comes out, everything gets absorbed in colon. These bastis have the purpose of strengthening colon peristalsis, taking care of polyps, fibroids, sluggish ovaries, blocked fallopian tubes etc..yes, one basti is given vaginally so that very small quantity of medicine/oil is injected by a syringe/catheter in thevagina or cervix, so that it enters in to uterus and goes right up to end of fallopian tubes. This is similar to dye injected during hysterosalpinograms used to check the blockage of tubes. But while modern science doesinvasive microsurgeries to correct the situation, ayurveda has bastis, though slightly invasive, no wound, no antibiotics or analgesics! patient walks out in less than an hour!

bastis of ayurvedic panch karma are given in last 3 weeks of gestation, several first time moms have delivered normally(VB), in say less than six hours after labour pains started! and pains are reduced to increased elasticity of genito-urinal system. These bastis have special oils to strengthen vaginal muscles and cervix portion of the uterus.

This situation, though looks like utopian, it is from India, where organic veggies and fruits are still available and there is not much medication of synthetic vitamins and capsules during pregnancy.

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