Advice on enema in pregnancy

Enema is a process used to induce bowel movement or treat colon related illnesses, by forcing liquid through the rectum by low pressure so that the colon is washed out. Very often used to cure constipation and food poisoning, people also use enema when suffering from parasites, meningitis, measles and even common cold! While there is no proof that enema during the first trimester of your pregnancy is harmful, it has actually never been studied in depth and there is no proof that it is completely harmless. It can increase the likelihood of premature labor if you have a tendency towards it, especially since enema is used before labour to clear the bowels and ease the process of childbirth. Consultation with a doctor is absolutely necessary before getting an enema and even then the entire responsibility lies on you.

Instead of resorting to enema to cure constipation during pregnancy, dietary measures such as prune juice or bran are recommended. If that doesn't help your condition and you are suffering from chronic constipation, a mild laxative can be taken. However if the problem persists and enema seems to be the only solution, then Fleet enema is recommended after due consultation with the gynecologist or with your obstetrician.

answered by G M

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