How many ounces should be used in a coffee enema?

The main purpose of the human colon is to absorb the water as well as the mineral salts from the food that has been digested. It is also supposed to eliminate all the bacteria and the waste material in the body. At the same time, it also needs to maintain the electrolyte balance and fluid in the body. In case, for some reason, the colon cannot perform this function properly, the fecal matter accumulates in the body, leading to a buildup of toxins that spread throughout the body, in the absorbed fluids. If this happens, it leads to several health problems, some of which can include lack of energy, constipation and pain in the abdominal area, to name a few. To make matters worse, if a person suffering from such problems consumes foods that are high in sugar, caffeine, fat, aspartame or white flour the unwanted matter in the colon increases. Hence, to be able to lead a normal and healthy life once again, it is best for such people to try methods that cleanse colon naturally. Fortunately, there are several methods of cleansing the colon that people can adopt, in order to get rid of the buildup of waste matter in the body. One of the most common techniques used by many people is a colon cleansing enema.

An enema is a very common process that has been used by several people, for the cleansing of their bowels. Almost all people who need to undergo a surgery are given an enema, before the surgical process. However, there are also many people who use this technique just to deal with acute or chronic constipation. While it is best for an enema to be administered by a medical expert, there are people who prefer getting it administered at home. In order to perform this procedure at home, a colon cleansing enema kit is required. This kit contains a bag, which is filled with fluid, and a thin pipe, which is inserted into the rectum, so that the fluid can be introduced into the intestines. In most cases, the fluid that is used consists of saline liquid, however, there are several other homemade enema solutions that people can use. Some of the most common colon cleansing enema recipes include coffee enema, mineral oil enema, yogurt enema, barium enema, sodium phosphate enema and soapsuds enema. Each of these have their own benefits and side effects, as different people may react in a varying manner, towards each of them. One of the most commonly used home enemas includes the recipe for a coffee enema.

Coffee Enema Benefits

There are several health benefits that have been associated with the coffee enema. This type of an enema stimulates the liver, which helps it in detoxifying the body. Moreover, coffee contains several components, such as caffeine, which makes it more effective than the saline enema. Because this type of enema is quite useful when it comes to the detoxification of the body, it reduces several health problems too.

Recipe Coffee Enema

Preparing a coffee enema is not difficult at all. However, most people are advised to use organic coffee, in the recipe of the coffee enema, since it usually shows optimal results. Moreover, the use of decaf coffee and most commercial coffee blends should be strictly avoided, as they do not have the same results, as compared to organic coffee. Given below is a common recipe for coffee enema:

  • Take a table spoon of coffee grounds, for each quart of water you are going to use.
  • Mix the coffee grounds as well as the water together and bring to a boil
  • Allow the mixture to cool for a few minutes, before pouring it into the enema bag, preferably with a large nozzle.
  • Shake the mixture thoroughly, before administering it.

answered by M W

Coffee enema is mainly taken for liver detoxification. The caffeine from the coffee that is directly absorbed causes the live to produce more bile which is flushed out from the small intestine later. To make the enema solution use 1tsp regular ground coffee per cup of water instead of instant coffee.

answered by S P

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