How do I get rid of floating particles in my eyes

Floating particles in your eyes are actually dust particles that accumulate in the eyes. This is not an uncommon or unnatural event anymore, with an increase in the dust and pollution around us. Pollen, dust and chemical particles are common triggers of this condition and in most cases are unavoidable too. Floating particles is not a serious condition; however, it can be quite irritating to the eyes, and could also cause you to experience a burning sensation in your eyes. This condition occurs when dust particles that enter into a person’s eye block the tear duct that is responsible for clearing away dirt from the eyes. Floating particles in the eyes in most cases can be treated with the help of simple home remedies and life style changes.
  • Always wash your eyes whenever possible. The most effective way of washing the eyes is by keeping your eyes open while splashing water on your face. Many people close their eyes while splashing water on their face. Due to this, the dust particles from the face are washed away, however, the dust particles in the eyes are not. Wash your eyes with cold water as this will ensure that your eyes are soothed and that all the dust particles are removed. Also remember to wash your eyes before going to sleep as this will ensure that the tear ducts are free from blockages.
  • Applying two to three drops of rose water is one of the most widely recommended and used remedies, when it comes to treating eye infections, allergies or even when it comes to treating floating particles in the eyes. Rose water soothes the eyes and helps clear off any dust particle that may have settled in there. It will also help in reducing the irritation and burning sensation brought about by this condition.
  • You may also place cold compresses on your eyes to get relief from any burning and itching sensation. Most cases of floating eye particles are accompanied by a severe eye itch; however, scratching or itching may only lead to further infection. You could even rupture an eye capillary in the process. Therefore, using cold compresses to relieve the itching sensation proves beneficial when it comes to treating floating particles in the eyes.
  • For another effective remedy, you could place a slice of cucumber on each of your eye and rest for an hour in this position. Cucumber has a cooling effect on the eyes. It will also help in clearing off the particles once you wash your eyes after an hour.
  • In order to avoid this condition always keep your eyes protected by wearing protective eye gear. It is also useful to wear spectacles instead of lenses when out in the open.

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