how to rid your body of fiberglass particles in your skin

Working with fiberglass can be a very tricky proposition. Whenever you work with the material, it will shed a large amount of the fiber onto its surroundings and this includes you. Fiberglass can be harmful to the skin as direct contact with your body will cause skin abrasions, skin irritation, eyes, nose and throat. Some people may even tend to inhale the fibers which will then cause irritation in the airways that may end up in a severe cough or a scratchy throat. Fiberglass is made up of a composition of natural ingredients like sand and recycled window glass and bottles. These ingredients are melted down and then spun at high speeds to create small strands of fiberglass. Whenever you work with fiberglass, it is of prime importance that you make sure you follow these rules to prevent yourself from the uneasiness and harm its fibers can cause. Always wear loose fitting and long sleeved shirts. Long pants are also essential. Always wear gloves. Do not tape the sleeve ends or pants to the wrists or ankles. If fiberglass particles start to accumulate on your skin, do not scratch or rub them. When you are done with the fiberglass installation, wash your skin and shower with mild soap and warm, running water. Always protect your eyes with eye shields and wear a hardhat. Make sure that you do not rub your eyes at any time while working with fiberglass.

If the fiberglass particles have somehow been able to get in direct contact with your skin, they can be extremely itchy and irritating. If you have an option of taking a bath, do so but make sure that you bathe with cold water. The reason cold water is suggested is because cold water will close up the pores in your skin allowing the fiber to flow right off. If you do not have access to a shower right after you finish off the fiberglass installation, try getting hold of some duct tape. Take a piece large enough to roll over three of your fingers three times. Then roll it over three fingers with the adhesive side on the outside and roll this gently over the area of the skin with the fiberglass. The tape should be able to glue the fiberglass onto it and considerably reduce the amount of irritation. If you still feel itch after this, take a long bath in a bath tub and, as much as possible, keep the water to a nice cold setting.

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To remove the fiberglass particles in your skin, you can use scotch tape or duct tape. You need to apply the duct tape firmly over the affected region and let it remain on the skin for some time. As the next step, you need to rub the duct tape several times on the applied area so that the fibers get stuck to the tape. Then, you need to pull off the tape very slowly and gently. You need to repeat this process at least for a few times.

Another quick method would be to put some glue on the affected area. Then, after the glue dries up, you can pull off the glue and the splinters should come out along with it. You can also take a piece of bacon fat and tape it over the splinter by using some duct tape. Leave it overnight and then the bacon fat should help to pull out the splinter. Another suggested remedy would be to apply wax that women would use for removing body hair.

For glass splinters that are not visible, you can apply food colour so that you can see the splinters. Then, try and remove the visible splinters by using a pair of tweezers. If you are not able to remove the glass particles by yourself, it is best to go to a doctor to have them removed before the particles travel into your blood stream and cause any other damage.

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