Information on Eye Floaters

by Shaun Damon

Eye floaters are a very common occurrence and affect almost every individual to some extent or the other. First and foremost, it is important to describe exactly what an eye floater is. When you close your eyes for a short period of time and you suddenly open them, you are likely to see a number of small thread - like objects that appear to be floating around in your line of vision. Rubbing your eyes seems to do nothing to get them out of the way and neither does washing your eyes. These small floating spots are essentially deposits or condensation of the vitreous jelly that is present in the eye. These eye floaters could be present in either a single eye or even both eyes. The floaters are visibly prominent primarily because of the light that passes through the vitreous humor in order to aid vision. This vitreous humor is usually absolutely clear at birth and the deposits are known to develop gradually over a period of time. Eye floaters always tend to appear darker than the background and will usually not show in darkness or when the eyes are closed. Although eye floaters can be an irritation from time to time, they are generally not substantially harmful and are unlikely to cause any significant complications to a person. Although, once in a while, which is very rare, some patients may begin to experience a sudden rise in the amount of eye floaters present. This would be accompanied with an increase in the intensity of the obstruction where it becomes very prominent and is clearly visible all the time - thereby significantly affecting an individual's vision. This could then become a cause for concern.

Treatment will substantially depend on the intensity of the obstruction of vision offered by these deposits, although with time, the eye floaters will usually decrease in size and darkness. This occurrence can be attributed to the absorption of the floater as a result of the natural processes within the eye. However, it is important that the patient visits a licensed doctor. The patient may want to undergo a few medical tests and confirm that the development of a number of eye floaters is not, in any way, linked to any underlying medical condition such as diabetes or even an injury or trauma. Studies have also shown that the development of eye floaters can also be easily contained and even treated to a certain extent with the help of good and healthy nutrition. Omega 3 fatty oils are known to have a number of healing properties that act directly on the eye because of their rich hemp oil, nutrients and fatty acid content.

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