I have been losing a lot of my hair over the past 1 year. Now a days adding to the hairfall, when ever I sratch my scalp, I find stick matter (particles) sticking to my fingers. Is this because of dandruff or is it something else?

Most people associate dandruff specifically with Dry Dandruff, greyish white flakes, however, there is a second and not so common type: Oily Dandruff. Oily dandruff is characterized by yellow flakes combined with a sticky oil that cover your scalp and stick to your nails when you scratch it off. If you have not washed your hair in a while, this dandruff will be mixed along with dirt and dust particles in your hair and become more of a dark brown oily layer. In severe cases, this layer can emit a rather foul odor. This type of dandruff is caused by an excess of the androgenic hormone which causes an excess production of sebum which is your body’s natural oil. Do not scratch your scalp as this will increase sebum production and aggravate your condition. You can use a medicated shampoo to effectively treat your dandruff. Avoid using cosmetic shampoos that are meant for dandruff as most of these also contain dyes amnd perfumes that may irritate your scalp. Medicated shampoos attack the root cause of your dandruff which is actually a scalp specific fungus and so they can eliminate your dandruff completely. There are several natural remedies that you can use as well to speed up the process.
  • Vinegar is acidic in nature and so it helps to control as well as reduce sebum production   Mix four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and an equal amount of water and apply it to your scalp. Leave it on overnight and wash your hair as usual the next morning. Alternatively you can use two teaspoons of cosmetic vinegar and six teaspoons of warm water.  
  • Grate a beetroot and squeeze out the juice. Mix this juice with the juice of a medium sized lemon and apply the mixture to your scalp. Leave it on for about an hour before your wash your hair. Be careful when using this treatment as it can stain your clothes.
Mix equal amounts of apple juice, tomato juice and water in a bowl and soak your scalp and hair with it. Leave it in for at least 30 minutes before washing your hair. Both apple juice and tomato juice are mild acids that will dissolve the sebum in your hair. They are also packed with nutrition and so they also keep your hair healthy and strong
The hair fall that you have been experiencing for the past year is caused by your dandruff. While the damage to your scalp is clearly visible in the form of flakes, the damage to the roots of your hair goes unseen. The damaged hair root cannot hold   onto its strand of strand with its usual capacity and so there is an increase in hair fall. Once your dandruff clears, your hair fall will stop. In relatively rare cases, certain drugs too can cause this type of dandruff, so if you are on any medication currently, consult your doctor who will be able to suggest alternative treatment.

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