What is the Natural Remedy for Occipital Pain?

There could be various possible causes for pain in the occipital region and it would be impossible to make an accurate diagnosis without any additional information. Diagnosis would depend on factors such as whether the pain is radiating or localized and specific to a particular spot, whether it is constant or sporadic, whether it began after any trauma or injury and several other factors. No treatment can be recommended with any certainty without knowledge of these factors. In some cases after ruling out certain conditions it would even be necessary to get an MRI to ascertain the cause or rule out other possible causes.

An occipital headache, as suggested, is a pain felt at the occiput that could radiate to the vertex. An occipital headache is at times also referred to or related to what we know as a headache with neck pain. Headaches of this nature may result from an injury, inflammation, or pressure on the occipital nerves, or even on the dorsal horn, the upper cervical spinal roots, or sensory ganglion. Occipital neuralgia or occipital neuritis is on the other hand is caused due to an inflammation or a compression of an occipital nerve, to be more precise the greater occipital nerve.  This pressure or compression generally affects the nerve as it emerges between the occiput and first cervical vertebra. In almost all cases however the pain from this disorder radiates up to the region of the eye.

The most common and simplistic cause would however be the normal and mundane tension headache that all of us are familiar with. Differentiating between an occipital headache and other common types of headaches can be extremely challenging, so keep in mind that pain is usually localized in the region of the occipital nerve (greater or lesser). The precise location of the affected nerve would in fact be tender to touch. Another method that is quite efficient and would help is a diagnostic injection, which can help differentiate between the wide varieties of headaches and also identify the source of the pain.

Common tension headaches can be treated very easily at home and are absolutely no cause for worry. Occipital pain however could be a sign of something more serious and therefore you should get some prompt medical intervention. If your headache is a stress or tension headache it should resolve with some simple relaxation techniques like breath exercises. Aromatherapy diffusers and baths should also help a lot.

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