My son is 9 yrs old. He eats vegetables, fruits and also drinks milk. He hardly eats non-veg. He has developed 2/3 grey hairs. We are worried can u let me know what is the cause and suggest some solution for it.

Black sesame seed is effective in mitigating premature gray hair. Boil 10 gram of black sesame in 200 gram of water. When the water reduces to 50 ml, add jaggery in it and again boil it for two minutes. Drink this water. Another way is to add 20 grams of jaggery to 10 grams of black sesame seeds and make a ball. Let him eat this ball daily at breakfast time and also at bedtime.

A mixture of following herbal powders, when taken 1 tsp with honey at breakfast and bedtime, will also help. Bhringaraj, Aswagandha, Perennail, Jatamansi, Shankhpushpi, Vacha. These are brain nourishing tonics. They bring good sleep, better alerness, cognitive ability and cool the thoughts. Hence, more nutrition is available to brain as well as hair.

answered by S B

There are many causes for premature graying of hair. These include heredity, alopecia areata, hormonal imbalance, pernicious anemia (due to vitamin B12 deficiency), and lack of certain vitamins like iron, copper and iodine in daily diet. It can also be caused due to mental worries, anxiety, jealousy, failures, these emotions pose stress on the skin of the scalp hindering the supply of vital nutrients to hair.

  • If premature graying is due to vitamin B12 deficiency then include foods rich in this vitamin in your child’s diet. These include meat, eggs, milk and milk products and fermented foods. B12 deficiency is difficult to achieve from a vegetarian diet alone.
  • Add freshly grated ginger to honey and store it in a bottle. Give him 1tsp of this ginger-honey mix daily. This will help in premature graying.
  • Avoid any kind of emotional stress in your child. 

answered by S P

Dear Shilpa,

I may have a suggestion that worked for me. I am nearly 60, and don't have a lot of grey hair due to a suggestion I heard years ago. I bought a jar of molasses for only a few dollars. It seems this contains the magnesium that is removed from the sugar cane.It is like a vitamin pill in a jar and can be bought from most supermarkets. Since a lot of our veggies do not contain as many nutrients as they did years ago, the magnesium in the molasses supplements this.I just have a little every now and then and have more colour in my hair than some of my grey haired friends in their thirties.The molasses could taste better,but tell your son that just half a teaspoon every now and then will pay off.

answered by a s

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