My hair is becoming grey. I'm very much worried. I have tonsillitis problem. Is it the reason of grey hairs?

Tonsillitis is not a reason for hair turning grey but if pain due to tonsillitis is restricting you from eating healthy meals or you are getting very anxious and stressed due to this, then it could indirectly be responsible in your case.

Premature graying of hair is due to faulty eating and mental stress which can result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies and manifest itself as grey hair.

Natural Cures for Weak Hair:

  • Massage your scalp with warm oil (preferably coconut oil) to stimulate your hair follicles and increase blood circulation. Wrap with a warm-hot towel for 20 mins before taking a shower.
  • Egg is a very good hair conditioner and an effective home remedy for dry and damaged hair.
  • Eat a balanced diet and take care to eat foods based on the food guide pyramid. Make sure you include vegetables especially green leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts in your diet.
  • Regular exercise and de-stress activities such as breathing techniques will be beneficial.

answered by P P

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