My brother who is 13 yrs. has developed patchy skin and complete grey hair. Please suggest some good remedy

Bone Marrow Transplant is a condition that leaves behind irreversible changes. If your brother has a full head of grey hair at the age of 13 due to this problem, then the only remedies we can suggest would be temporary ones. Some natural ways to cover gray hair temporarily are to dye it with tea or sage. This will temporarily coat the hair shaft. But it will last only till the next hair wash. Another method is to use henna or mehendi. However, this will color the hair red. This completely natural dye lasts for about a month or so, post which it will have to be re-done. You can make a mixture of a cup of henna powder with one whole egg, a few drops of lime or lemon juice and yogurt to give a paste-like consistency. Let this mixture stand for at least two hours before applying it on hair.

Patchy skin due to BMT may be evened out slowly by using a mixture of lime juice and dried, powdered orange peels, and yogurt to form a paste-like consistency. This would have to applied and left on for about 15-30 minutes and then washed off with a mild soap. However, this method will take at least a year of regular use before it can show any noticeable results.

answered by G M

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