Treatment for bump and swelling on thumb joint

There is insufficient information regarding your gender and age. Do you play any instruments, such as the violin? Gouty arthritis results in lumpy fingers and joints and this is common among menopausal women. Finger infection due to animal bites need immediate treatment. Histiocytis, a rare disorder also results in lumpy fingers. So, it is better to take the guidance of a physician right away.

answered by r k

Arnica cream and homeopathic Arnica is very effective for all types of sprains and bruises but if you don't have access to this herb then ice and heat alternating three minutes cold to 7 minutes hot will help increase the blood supply to the area and this in turn will speed the reduction in swelling, there is always pain with swellings as the internal tissues are forced to expand to contain the added pressure of fluid which occurs with internal damage. A supportive crepe bandage may also help you.

answered by J R M

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