i just got a swollen thumb, i haven't been bitten

You are probably simply suffering from a fungal infection. There is no real relation between diabetes and swollen thumbs or fingers, however diabetes patients and people with weak immune systems are much more vulnerable to fungal infection that affect the nail. Nail disorders are very different from skin diseases and usually have symptoms which may be related to other medical problems. These disorders are known are usually referred to collectively as onychosis and are usually caused by infection and various skin diseases. The nail fold may also get infected due to bacteria and specific viruses. The most common nail impairment is known as ingrown nails. This deformity develops when the corners of a nail push painfully into the nail grooves, resulting in irritation, redness, and swelling. Hangnails can lead to an infection near your nail, making the skin around the nails swollen and tender.

You can use a variety of convenient home remedies to treat nail infections. You should always disinfect the instruments that you use to cut nails. You must ensure that your hands and feet are clean and dry so that you can avoid contracting any fungal infection. You should also clip all your nails straight across so ensure that the nail is not longer than the tip of your toe. You can use Listerine mouthwash to alleviate and treat nail fungus. However of your nails show persistent signs of infection, you should seek immediate medical assistance.

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