Bent thumb causes

If your thumb is bent at the joint, this is a matter of concern. Even if there is no pain, any dysfunctional joint needs to be shown to a doctor.

The basal joint of the thumb, also called the carpometacarpal, is responsible for the swiveling and pivot motions of the thumb. This joint tends to wear out easily, if strained regularly. In fact, this joint is most prone to arthritis too. If you are involved in regular physical exercise of your hands, please cease all such activity immediately.

The cause of bending a thumb out of its normal structure can be an accident or a fall that you might have had. Sometimes, a person with weak joints can even suffer from your problem while playing a sport or indulging in a physically challenging activity.

However, the fact that you don't feel any pain could be a temporary situation. If you cannot use your thumb, look out for swellings in the region. A quick, stand-by home remedy is an ice-massage. Pack ice cubes in a thin cloth and gently massage your thumb and the joint with this. Also, please do not move your thumb forcibly just because there is no pain. Consult a physician immediately.

answered by G R

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