12 months child whose thumb is partially bent. I noticed it only last week. The orthopedic Dr. has diagnosed it as'Trigger Thumb' which is a congenital birth defect and has suggested minor surgery. Any alternative cure?

If this is congenital may be natural ideas and therapies won't work, then too you can follow some tips:-

  1. Just softly and gently straighten the thumb and put a ice piece on it for 5 seconds,remove this, then put a hot cloth or swab for 5 seconds .The child may get irritated but this works wonderfully.Repeat this for 3 minutes stretching the thumb of the child gently.
  2. Give a homeopathic remedy called as Thuja cm only 1 powder dose .
  3. Follow up with hyocyamus 6c 2 pills once bed time for 7 days .
  4. Then stop all medicine for 15 days .
  5. After 15 days start with Rhustox 30 2 pills once daily for 10 days .Then wait and watch for 1 month.

answered by D M K

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