The neck is one part of the body that is capable of swiveling more than 180 degrees. The area is also capable of tilting upwards and downwards to a great degree as well. This huge flexibility of the neck allows an individual to have a huge field of vision. Neck pain commonly afflicts most people around the world. Often, this occurs in older people who are generally unfit. Some conditions may develop over time due to repeated misuse of the neck. Neck pain is extremely irritating as it prevents the individual from normally moving his or her head around.

One may try some home remedies for neck pain. A warm compress is used by most people who suffer from neck pain. This stimulates the flow of blood to the area and can be very useful for neck pain that is related to muscular problems. For people who regularly suffer from pain, it may be prudent to make sure that the neck moves about a little every day as stiffness is something that will only worsen the condition. There is also the possibility that one can have a friend of family member crack the neck. However, this treatment for neck sprain can be dangerous and should only be tried by a trained physical therapist.

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What causes neck and shoulder pain?

The neck is one of the most flexible parts of the body as it is able to swivel and lean forwards, backwards and to the sides as well. While this is the case, it is also one of the areas of the body that is most commonly reported to suffer from pain. Neck pain occurs either when the muscles in the area are affected or when the bones at the top of the spinal column are affected. There are numerous causes of neck and shoulder pain.

The most common cause of this type of pain is stiffness which is a result of muscles not being used regularly. This tends to affect older people more as the condition is associated with a lack of exercise over a period of time. Improper posture and use of the neck can cause problems with the spinal bones as well. Often, pain is felt when the gap between the bones of the spine get reduced. Naturally, neck and shoulder pain will affect an individual who has suffered from some form of injury to the area. This injury may even occur when the person is sleeping if the position of sleep and the pillow used do not match the requirements of the individual.

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Are there any exercises that can help in treating neck sprain?

Pain in the neck can be quite irritating as it affects one's daily functioning. The movements of the neck made during the day are almost involuntary with individuals turning and leaning their necks regularly for various tasks and even for communication. A sprain in the neck would result from some sudden movement made by the individual. A sprain may also occur while the individual is sleeping or resting making it difficult to move the head.

Neck sprain exercises can help to release any lock or catch that has occurred in the neck, thus considerably reducing the pain felt by the individual. A neck rotation exercise can be done to help release a sprain. Each rotation to the right or left is assisted by the opposite hand which is used to push the heads slightly more in a slow and deliberate manner. This will lead to the gradual extension of the rotation and can help to release a catch. One can also do the posterior neck stretch exercise. Here, the neck is allowed to drop forward until possible. Using either hand, one can push the back of the skull further down slowly to help release the neck. Any pain felt during the application of this neck sprain remedy should make the individual stop and return the neck to the straight position. These exercises could be extremely dangerous and should only be done in the presence of a trained physician.

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How do I get rid of the pain caused by a neck sprain?

The neck area of the body often suffers from pain either from muscles or from the bones in the area. Neck pain can occur as a result of injury, wear and tear or just because of sleeping or sitting in an improper position. There are a number of contributing factors such as stress which serve to worsen the condition. Apart from everything else, neck pain simply reduces an individual's efficiency and is a hindrance which should be gotten rid of.

Getting rid of neck pain involves the use of therapeutic solutions to help reduce the pain in the area. One may use a warm compress in the area to provide relief as this stimulates blood flow and may help to loosen a tight muscle. Various creams are available that work to release a caught muscle. One can also work on the neck by using various exercises that help to release pain in the area. Neck rotation exercises and neck stretch exercises can be used as neck pain relief exercises. Chronic pain may be caused by an issue with the bones themselves. This should be referred to a doctor for further analysis. Neck pain can also be treated with a firm and gentle massage.

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Your kinked neck may be due to muscle strain, injury (e.g., whiplash) and spinal column conditions.

Treatment varies according to the type, location, cause and severity of pain. Keep it in a comfortable position and massage lightly.

Consult a physiotherapist for specific massages or exercises which help.

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