Kinked neck remedies

What is more useful in treating a kinked neck - acupressure or chiropractors?

A crick in the neck is a common occurrence caused usually by a strain in the muscles of the neck and shoulder. This causes stiffness in the neck that usually limits mobility. Arthritic patients are bound to have a sore neck more than usual due to stiff joints. Chiropractic acupressure is one method of easing stiffness of the neck. A chiropractor is equipped to massage the tense muscles and relax them. Depending on how bad the crick in the neck is, the chiropractor may schedule more than one sitting to alleviate the problem. Visiting a chiropractor does burn a hole in the pocket, however, and therefore, most people prefer other options.

Acupressure for stiff neck is another way to heal a kink in the neck. Ancient Chinese healers mapped out various pressure points in the body that when used can help to ease painful symptoms. The acupressure point for a sore neck is just below the knuckles of the index and middle fingers. Acupressure can be done at home or with the help of a specialist. There is no concrete evidence to indicate a better way to treat a sore neck. It depends on individual preference and circumstance. Both methods have their own advantages and should be explored by the individual before taking a decision.

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What causes a kinked neck?

A stiff or a kinked neck is defined as soreness in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. This means that one experiences limited mobility of the neck. It becomes difficult to carry out even simple neck movement. A kinked neck is a common occurrence. Kinked neck causes are usually attributed to an improper sleeping position, an unsuitable mattress or pillow, neck injury, or stress. A sore neck hampers mobility significantly. It makes daily activities painful and limits productivity. Prompt relief and easy home remedies are therefore necessary to know so that we can take quick action to limit the pain. Stiff neck relief includes basic neck exercises and stretches.

Slowly turning the head from left to right and moving the head slowly up and down help to stretch the taut neck muscles and gradually increase motion of the neck. An ice pack applied externally on the injured area helps to relieve pain. Soothing pain relief gels are another option. Long-term solutions include investing in proper mattresses and pillows. Visiting a chiropractor or making improvements in our posture also help to eliminate sore neck problems.

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Does massage therapy help in treating a stiff neck?

A stiff neck is a common occurrence caused usually by sleeping in an awkward position, putting yourself through too much stress, or practicing an improper posture. It is painful and limits mobility of the neck. This makes even simple tasks difficult and painful to perform. There are a few remedies to ease the soreness, massages for a stiff neck being one of them. A stiff neck is usually due to tension of the muscles and nerves. Gently massaging the neck continuously using kneading strokes helps to stretch and relax the muscles.

Repeating this process a few times during the day will help to bring muscles back to their original form. This is simple to perform and brings relief quickly. Therapy for stiff neck also includes a hot massage. Heat provides relief to the taut muscles. Alternatively, an ice pack on the injured area also brings relief. Neck exercises are another road to quick healing. Basic, gentle movements like turning side to side and up and down help in increasing mobility.

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How to get rid of a neck pain caused by a crick in neck?

A crick in the neck is something all of us have experienced at some point or another. It is a painful condition that results in limited mobility of the neck. It usually lasts for a few days at most. However, if the pain persists, it is always advisable to get it checked by a medical specialist. Various simple methods and home remedies help to ease a sore neck. Over the counter pain killers are an easy option as they help to minimize the pain.

A slouching posture or long work hours crouched in front of the computer can be a cause of frequent neck aches. In such cases, crick in neck relief can be got by making changes in the way we stand. Making our workplaces more neck friendly is recommended as well. Going to a physiotherapist or a chiropractor is the next step. Crick in neck treatment also includes methods of relieving stress. High stress can lead to taut muscles and a painful neck. Practicing yoga will not only relax our muscles but also works to calm our minds.

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Almost all of us have experienced an unpleasant crick in the neck at some time or the other. Most often, these cricks develop since we sleep in awkward positions, although there can be other reasons as well. You can identify a crick by a noticeable lack of motion in turning your head from side to side accompanied by a general ache in the neck. In cases where the crick is more acute, you will notice a slight swelling in the affected area. Cricks are also inclined to spread the pain into the same shoulder blade as the neck. This is because the muscle normally originates beneath the skull and enters just over the shoulder blade.

There are some remedies to ease the pain caused by this condition. Since this condition is most frequently caused by awkward sleeping positions, it may be a good idea to rethink your pillow and mattress to begin with. You need to observe if your pillow has a pit in it or if your mattress appears to have been redesigned with your shape embedded in it. If you find any of these, its the perfect time to change them.

You can also apply a powerful mentholated ointment on your neck. Then cover your neck by tying around a woolen scarf tightly. This is likely to cause a bit of a burning sensation but the throbbing neck muscles will be soothed and healed by the warmth emitted by the application. You can also apply a warm compress which will enhance the healing process. Consult your doctor who can prescribe anti inflammatory medication which will be needed to be taken as per the dosage. A heating pad is also quite effective in obtaining relief from the pain. Try and keep yourself as active as possible. Resume your normal daily routine as bed rest is not required.

Consulting a chiropractor is a very good idea. A chiropractor will use his special skills to manipulate the spine and promote joint motion and help in the reduction of pain. The crick can usually take from a couple of days to about two weeks to heal, depending largely on the serious of the condition. It is important to note that if there is a numbness that stretches into the arm, it is an indication there is a possibility of a nerve compression. Also if the neck feels normal but you still have acute pain in the shoulder and down your back, then it probably is symptomatic of a problem with a cervical disk. In this case it is best to go to a chiropractor rather than a general practitioner as GPs are likely to delay the healing process by prescribing painkillers.

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Natural Cures for Kinked Neck

Place a bottle filled with hot water or a heating pad on the side of the neck where the spasm is at its worst. Let it stay on the affected area for half hour. Repeat this procedure throughout the day till you get relief. Simple neck exercises must be done with caution and as slowly as possible. Slowly turn your neck from left to right and right to left. Continue doing so at least 10 times per side. This will help to loosen the neck muscles and ease of the pain. In the same manner move your head up and down. Try stretching the neck upwards and downwards in the best possible manner that you can without straining the neck.

At night make a poultice out of cloves and apply it on the affected region before you sleep. The oil from cloves is very useful in treating sprains, craps and spasms. To get rid of the pain, make a thick paste out of fresh ginger pulp or dry ginger powder mixed with a little water. Cover the painful area with a thick covering made out of ginger pulp. Ginger is a powerful painkiller, and the spasms will easily die off within minutes of this application.

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A sprained or kinked neck is a very common problem and occurs due to overexertion of the muscles in the neck. There are a variety of reasons that can cause a sprained neck - these include bad posture while working, sudden violent jolts to the neck, holding the neck in one position for too long, or using a mattress that is too soft, resulting in bad neck posture when sleeping. Avoiding these sort of circumstances are probably one of the first steps in curing a kink in the neck. In some cases, neck pain also occurs due to a larger underlying ailment, therefore if your symptoms get worse, consult your physician for an overall diagnosis.

A lot of the pain experienced is also probably stress and anxiety related. When our muscles tense, due to stress, the blood supply to the muscles is reduced, and this causes pain. This then tenses the muscles further, and makes the pain worse. Applying heat to the affected area helps stimulate blood flow to the muscles in the neck, and hence reduces the pain. In addition, maintaining good posture, taking a adequate rest to allow the kink to heal, and avoiding unnecessary stress can help get rid of the pain. However, to properly treat a very sore neck sprain you may have to realign the nerves in the neck, which under no circumstances should be done at home. If your symptoms persist or worsen, it is imperative that you consult a chiropractor.

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