Natural cures for muffled hearing

What can I do for muffled hearing, like my ears are clogged and I can barely hear anything? please write me back and let me know. thank you.

If your hearing is muffled in both ears it is probably due to your ears being plugged up. The symptoms of ear congestion include muffled hearing, a ringing tone in the ear or a stuffy feeling inside the ear. This is usually not a serious problem with the probable causes ranging from an allergic reaction to a head cold. It may also be caused by pressure differences that you experience while flying or at a high altitude. Your hearing should return to normal on its own over the course of the next few days. This type of ear blockage can usually be treated at home and does not require a doctor’s treatment. However, if your ears begin to pain or you detect a liquid discharge or your hearing is severely impaired, then you should see a doctor immediately.

If your ears are blocked following a cold or a sinus attack then you should try taking an oral decongestant. This will help clear any blockage in your ears caused by congestion in your sinuses. Follow the instructions printed on the packet. Some decongestants may make you drowsy so do not drive after taking one of them. Ask your pharmacist for advice on an effective decongestant.

If the blockage is due to an allergic reaction such as hay fever, use a nasal spray containing an antihistamine. Keep one nostril pressed shut and spray directly into the other nostril while inhaling. You can also use a steroid based nasal spray if the antihistamine based one isn’t effective.

If the blockage is caused by a pressure differential, try swallowing or yawning repeatedly while keeping your nose pinched shut. Chewing gum may also help to equalize the air pressure in your Eustachian tubes.

If you notice that your ears have become blocked after swimming or immersion in water, tilt your head towards your shoulder and pull the earlobe gently downwards. Keep pulling the earlobe in different directions. It should help to drain the water and unblock your ear.

Consult your doctor for advice on a stronger prescription medicine if the milder ones do not work or if your hearing does not clear up within a few days. Your doctor may also prescribe ear drops to dissolve any buildup of wax in your ears. Antibiotic drops may also be prescribed in case your doctor detects an ear infection.

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You have not mentioned the reason for this. Is it because o f the climate or any other accompanying complication, such as sinusitis.

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