I had a earache then I lost my hearing in one ear. How do I get my hearing back?

Hearing loss can be of two types: temporary (reversible) or permanent. In case the loss was sudden, it could be a short-term problem, but many instances of gradual hearing loss are irreversible.

Before trying to restore your hearing ability, you need to determine what kind of loss you are suffering from and for this it is imperative that you consult a doctor. Some of the possible causes of earache followed by hearing loss include:


At times, the ear canal gets blocked by the buildup of hardened wax, which leads to pain and itching. As the amount of wax increases, your hearing will get affected adversely. Once you get rid of the wax, your hearing should be restored. You can remove the wax at home using remedies like warm water, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, mineral oil or baby oil. However, it is best to get the wax removed by a doctor.

Infections in the Ear Canal/ Middle Ear

Common triggers like colds and allergies could cause an infection in the ear canal or Eustachian tubes. This leads to swelling, fluid buildup and increased pressure on the eardrums. As a result, you will experience pain, discomfort and possibly hearing loss. Once the infection is treated with antibiotics you should be able to hear normally. However, if the infection becomes a chronic one, the hearing loss could become permanent.  

Foreign Objects

Tiny objects and insects could get lodged in the ear, causing pain and hearing loss. It is important to have a doctor remove such substances from the ear immediately or else they could lead to severe damage. Getting rid of the foreign object should restore your hearing ability.

Ruptured Eardrums

A hole or tear in the tympanic membrane generally leads to discharge, ringing sensation in the ears, pain and temporary hearing loss. While some ruptured eardrums heal on their own, others may require surgery. As the eardrum heals, your hearing should return, at least partially.

Acoustic Neuroma

This is a rare, non-cancerous tumor on the nerve which connects the ear to the brain. This growth can get quite big and may damage certain areas of the brain. Your doctor will need to keep track of its size before suggesting a treatment path. If the tumor is small and does not grow, you may not need to undergo any treatment. However, if the growth is big, you may even be asked to think about a surgery. Hearing loss caused by acoustic neuroma is not reversible.

Earache and hearing loss are both severe symptoms that need to be checked by a doctor without any delay. Instead of spending time on self-analysis and home treatments, it is best to seek expert medical advice immediately.


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answered by G R

you should see an ENT doctor so that you establish what type of hearing loss you got. It could be conductive and nerve damage. Once you establish this, your doctor would explain to you what appraoch of treatment (or adjustment for your daily life) will be done.

answered by M L

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