Would a heat pad or cold pad be good for a pinched nerve in the neck?

A pinched nerve is a numbing or tingling sensation you may experience at times. This is the result of damage to the nerve. This could happen during an accident or if there is extended pressure on the nerve. There are a number of causes in addition to the above and they can include arthritis or herniated disc. You will experience pain, discomfort and numbness as symptoms of the pinched nerve. If the pain is in the neck and the extent of the pinched nerve is severe, this can cause the numbness to extend down the length of your arm as well.

There are a number of solutions you can resort to in order to treat your pinched nerve, or at least get some relief. Your doctor might recommend using a support brace. A support brace would basically restrict your movement, thus giving the nerve the time it needs to heal. There are plenty of over the counter gels and tablets easily available that will help reduce swelling and pain in the affected area of your neck. However, it is recommended that you seek your doctors' advice before taking any medication. A longer but more effective method of treatment is physiotherapy. This is exercising the muscles and nerves that have been affected and though the result is not immediate, it will help in strengthening the nerves to providing them with greater resistance in the future. Physiotherapy should only be done under the supervision of a trained doctor or physiotherapist. You need to make sure that you do not over do the amount of exercise needed as this will then lead to the nerve being damaged even more and the issue gets even more compounded.

The most important thing you need to do with a pinched nerve in the neck is to see to it that you get plenty of rest. It is only then that your nerve will get a chance to begin the process of healing. You can apply a pack of ice or a heat pack to further help with soothing of the area and reduce the swelling if any. Usually, it is a pack of ice that tends to be more effective as it numbs the affected area while dually calming the pinched nerve. Make sure not to keep the packs - either the heat pack or the pack of ice on for too long as you risk the chance of burning or alternatively freezing the skin.

answered by G M

Pinched nerve in the neck causes lot of pain and also restricts the body movements considerably. Heat pad or cold pad for the pinched nerve is an excellent way of releasing the tension of that particular nerve. Try both to see which one is more effective for you. Always put ice into a bag or wrap inside a towel as ice put directly on the skin can cause burning. Also gently massage the area that is sore. Be careful; don't be too hard over the sore spot.

Avoid carrying heavy weight objects, and strenuous activities that could worsen the pain.

answered by S P

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