Stretching for Dummies or Beginners

by Sharon Hopkins

Importance of Stretching: The human body is made up of several different bones, joints and muscles along with organs and body tissue. The body is mobile because of the proper functioning of the bones, joints and muscles. In order to make one part of the body move the muscle or muscles in that area will extend or compress, generating the necessary force for the action required. The human body also has limits to which it can bend and stretch. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle that most of us practice does not help when it comes to stretching. This is because most of the time is spent in sitting rather than doing physical activities. A person who has such a sedentary lifestyle will probably be stiff and unable to perform some simple tasks like bending down. This is because the muscles in the body are relatively unused and are therefore stiffer than they should be. This stiffness can be eliminated by performing certain exercises

Benefits of Stretching: One may ask why stretching is important before exerciseThe answer is simple. When the body is at rest, the muscles are resting and have been in a particular state for a continuous period of time. When we expect these muscles to provide force, the muscles should be able to cope. However, they will not receive enough circulation until the body responds to the sudden need. Stretching hence avoids injury and prepares the body for the physical tasks that it needs to perform. Stretching also improves flexibility by repetitively working particular muscles in such a way that the muscles improve their tone and blood circulation.

There are some important points when it comes to stretching for dummies or beginners. When the body is cold, stretching is not recommended. An exercise routine should begin with light jogging which allows the heart rate to gradually build up. Once the body is warmed up, one can stretch those areas of the body that one wishes to use. Typically, the arms and legs are stretched. When doing a stretch, one should perform it slowly and gradually up to the point when pain is felt. Rapid stretching will injure the muscles being worked. This is the most common mistake among beginners and is an important lesson when it comes to stretching for dummiesOne should also focus on the sensations felt while stretching. Often, this is enough to understand the state of the muscle and how much it is capable of being pushed. Always remember that stretching should be gradual and well planned.

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