Use of ginger while taking prescribed medicines

Ginger is extremely safe to use when you are taking prescription medicines and the only way that this can hurt you is when you overdose on it, which is something that your palette will just not allow. Ginger works on two fronts as an anti-inflammatory, and as a stomach soothing agent. Considering these two, you needn't worry about any side effects. An infection of the colon is not treated with ginger, and depends mostly on what kind of pathogen is in your colon. Viruses, bacteria, and worms are usually the biggest offenders in this regard. There are drugs to eliminate bacteria and worms in the stomach, and some home remedies for it as well. But there is no really proven natural remedy for eliminating viruses - though garlic and basil can be used for this. However, this will also have to be consumed along with other contemporary medical treatments

A colonic infection from worms can indeed be suspected if you ate some kind of food that was contaminated with infected animal feces. Worms like tapeworms and nematodes require that you eat some kind of food contaminated with animal feces, and this places naturally and organically grown farm food at particular risk. Sometimes, washing vegetables and meat in vinegar is required before consuming them. Bacterial infections can happen because of improper storage of food, and due to contamination from insects like flies. Viruses can also enter the stomach because of infected food and droplet infection, as viral spores become airborne from decaying feces.

Treating a worm infection requires the use of medicines like albendazole after confirming the infection from a fecal sample. Naturally, you can start consuming clove oil and throat lozenges that have anti-helmintic properties. Bacterial infections of the colon require fluroquinolones like ciprofloxacin and norfloxacin. Naturally, you can ingest a healthy amount of garlic in the three meals of your diet. Dealing with a viral infection can only be done by giving the body time to fight the virus, which can take up to a week. During this time, you should eat restricted quantities of food, and lots of probiotic yogurt for the regular populations of intestinal flora to be maintained. There is another possibility that you must also consider especially if your situation has remained the way it has for many months, and that is the fact that you perhaps have some kind of autoimmune disease of the colon. This is a serious situation that must be diagnosed by a doctor.

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