In regard to bronchitis treatment using ginger what exactly is does it mean to take each recommended powder with an infusion of tea? Does that mean to pour each of the powders into a glass of iced tea or hot tea?

Bronchitis "treatment using ginger" is a broad-based term that indicates that you set about curing your bronchitis with the use of ginger. You can use ginger in various ways to cure bronchitis. Dry ginger can be consumed in powder form. Fresh ginger roots can also be ground and boiled and taken in liquid form, such as with tea. You can also suck on a piece of ginger, or chew a piece of ginger, if you can take the spiciness of it. In the example you have mentioned, "taking with an infusion of tea", it means simply that you must brew a tea with ginger in it.

The term infusion means to steep or soak something in a liquid till is sets in and becomes one with the liquid. The remedy for tea to be taken for bronchitis is to take two cups of water, add four crushed peppercorns, a half inch piece of cinnamon, four cloves, about 10 to 15 leaves of holy basil, four cracked cardamoms and a half inch piece of fresh ginger root, ground and crushed. You can brew this mixture till it is reduced to half for best results. The resulting liquid can be sipped while it is hot. This will be a highly effective remedy for bronchitis. You can also add boiling water to a powdered mix of all of the ingredients mentioned above and let it stand for a few minutes before sipping. This would be called an infusion.

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