Pomanda de arnica uses

Pomada de arnica is an ointment made using the extract of arnica, an herb of the sunflower species. Arnica is a flower that has been used across centuries and civilizations for the purpose of healing. Its extract can be taken orally as well as applied physically. Arnica extract has been used successfully in so many remedies that it has now found an exclusive use for itself in the form of a regular ointment that is easily available. However, you should be aware that the extract as well as the ointment is rarely pure arnica extract and that it is usually diluted. The reason for this being that like any good thing, if used in excess, arnica can have adverse effects as well. On a very general level, pomada de arnica is used for its excellent anti inflammatory effects. It is particularly useful when applied topically to bruises, sprains and musculature problems. It is a dark and somewhat strong smelling liquid, which is best kept in colored bottles since it reacts when exposed to direct light. In some cases, after a wound has closed naturally, arnica is also used to assist in rapid healing. However, for this particular use, you must consult a doctor with knowledge of herbology who can guide you correctly. It would be unwise to use arnica randomly.

It is also important to know that the medical stream of allopathy does not encourage ingestion of arnica due to its toxic properties. It is these very toxic properties which are also beneficial in nature and have healing properties. But the balance is delicate enough and a layperson should not tamper with it. Arnica is only orally ingested under the aegis of the stream of homeopathy, which also makes its preparations rather diluted. In fact, please be advised that ingestion of arnica under most circumstances could be dangerous to your well being and health. Even in the stream of homeopathy, scientific research dictates that the use of arnica is more of that as a placebo than a real medicine. Scientists argue that once diluted, arnica loses any healing or medicinal properties it may ever have had. The truth remains a secret well entombed in homeopathic medicine. Pomada de arnica is a good ointment to have in your first aid box, as it can be used for minor cuts, scratches and Burns as well. It will help with temporary stanching of any pain, but will not provide instant relief.

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