by Sam Malone

The term allopathy was given by homeopathic doctors to all the medicine, which was not and alternative medicine, this term was actually given in a different manner since allopathy medicines were more commonly made medicines as compared to homeopathic medicines, which were specifically created for each patient. The term allopathy is used by chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopaths, etc.

The term allopathy or allopathic medicine however stuck to this form of medicine and also has been accredited by several medical institutions all over the world. Allopathic medicines were said to evoke reactions in patients, which were exactly opposite to the reactions in the patient. Allopathy therefore became a commonly used term. Allopathic medicines were made out of chemicals and the doses given were the same for one and all, imperative of their physical condition, which was in complete contrast with other medicinal practices like the homeopathic medicines.

Allopathic medicine has been defined as the medical practice, which creates a situation for a disease, that makes it impossible for the disease to breed and helps in gradual elimination of the disease from the body. Though this is true, there are certain side effects associated with the allopathic medicines, which make these medicines harmful to human body if taken for a prolonged period of time.

However, allopathic medicines give fast results, therefore, for all those with ailments which, require fast cure, allopathic medicines are ideal. Allopathy is being used worldwide because of this feature of fast healing. Though fast, other than the side effects allopathic medicines also have an effect of suppressing the illness rather than removing it, this is especially true regarding antibiotic medicines. Therefore, usage of allopathic medicines for those illnesses, which can be otherwise removed slowly and give permanent relief, should be encouraged.

Allopathic medicines, unlike homeopathic medicines or the ayurvedic medicines, are made from chemicals and not from plants. Each chemical has its own characteristic can prove to be harmful if not taken according to the prescription. Therefore, other than some common medicines, allopathic medicines should be taken according to the advice of the doctor and not otherwise.

The common man, as well as, practitioners of this medicine is using the term allopathic liberally all over the world. Allopathy medicine is also being used by the medical fraternity, this term has been accepted and the name allopathic medicine has become synonymous with this type of medicinal practice.

Allopathic medicine has advanced in leaps and bounds over some years. This is due to advancement in science and new inventions almost regularly. This has brought out a vast difference to the people who follow this path of medicine.

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