I am 43 and have black spots on the face and is spreading from one side is going over the forehead, sometimes they look they are drying and sometimes they look the same.

Skin blemishes are a common cause for worry in spite of being harmless, in most cases. acne and hyper pigmentation (a condition wherein the melanin - the pigment that gives skin its natural color, gets concentrated in small areas) are the main causes for these blemishes, thus resulting in black spots. Exposure to the harmful rays of the sun and pollution are the leading causes for such skin ailments. Skin care products also influence the texture of skin to a large extent. Hence, careful selection of skin care products is essential. An unhealthy lifestyle, nutritional imbalance, hormonal changes and stress can also aggravate the condition. Black spots could also be linked with more serious skin ailments and consulting a dermatologist is also recommended to prevent complications.

The use of a sunscreen lotion, when outdoors, is recommended for the prevention of skin damage. Since the effect of a sunscreen wears off after an hour or so, reapplying a liberal layer whenever possible is recommended. Covering the face with a scarf will also help in reducing damage caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Most people tend to pick at black spots to get rid of them. However, this practice has the ability to make the condition worse and should be avoided totally. Drinking plenty of water and juices is recommended to keep the skin hydrated and supple. A healthy balanced diet helps in keeping the skin healthy and blemish free.

There are numerous natural remedies for the treatment of black spots, but they prove beneficial only when used on a regular basis. Lemon juice is an excellent natural bleaching agent. Massaging your face with the juice of half a lemon, 10-15 minutes before a bath, is beneficial in fading away dark spots. If you are not able to bear the tingling sensation left behind by the juice, adding some honey to the juice is recommended. Honey, known for its antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities, also helps in killing infection causing germs. Applying the juice of raw potatoes or cucumber is also known to lighten dark blemishes. A mixture of milk cream, turmeric and oatmeal is an excellent mask for blemish prone skin as milk cream nourishes the skin, turmeric lightens skin tone and oatmeal is an excellent exfoliating agent. Apply a liberal layer of this mixture evenly over your face. When the mixture has dried completely, rub it off gently with your fingertips and wash your face with cool water to reveal glowing skin.

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