Home remedies for black marks on face

Black spots or scars should ideally be treated when they are fresh. That way you have a chance of getting rid of them completely. After a while they tend to become permanent and are not so easy to remove. However certain remedies can help lighten them. Acne scars are caused quite often because people squeeze or pick at acne, leaving scars and pits in the skin. Other black marks may be sun spots or freckle caused by exposure to the sun.

The sun is the greatest culprit in all kinds of skin damage. It causes scars to become permanent, it causes freckles and other sun spots to show up on the face and aggravates wrinkles. Your first line of defence against black marks is sun protection. Wear a wide brimmed hat or carry an umbrella while out in the sun. Use a sunscreen whenever you go out, especially if you are out swimming or anywhere near water like on the beach.

Some remedies to help lighten black marks are listed below:

  • Vitamin E is said to be good for lightening blemishes and is also used to good effect on stretch marks. Vitamin E is present in almond oil. So you can either use almond oil on the affected area or use creams containing a mixture of aloe vera gel and Vitamin E.
  • Another simple way is to purchase Vitamin E capsules, prick them with a needle and squeeze out the fluid. Apply this fluid directly on blemishes.
  • Lemon juice applied directly on the spot may also help.
  • Natural 100% cocoa butter is also said to be an effective remedy.

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